540 SF
Interior Renovation

This tight one-bedroom condo suffered from many of the same problems as simliar units built in the 80s: a cramped kitchen which was almost entirely closed off from the rest of the condo, an undefined dining area, insufficient storage, and outdated finishes.

To address these issues, the walls separating the kitchen from the rest of the condo were removed, and replaced with a waterfall-edged peninsula which blends seamlessly from kitchen to dining, while providing ample counter space. The front hall closet was completely removed and replaced with a custom millwork unit with an ambered wood finish which is picked up again in the kitchen cabinetry creating a visual flow. The entry hall millwork incorporates a closet, general household storage, and a pantry for the kitchen. The living and dining room furnishing were re-arranged to take advantage of the beautiful north-facing views, while using lighting and the angle of the existing fireplace to define the spaces within an open-concept plan.

Finishes throughout were updated with a warm and timeless palette including all new bamboo and tile flooring from the entrance to the back door. New kitchen cabinets, lighting, and countertops become a backdrop for the living and dining rooms. The fireplace wall and surround were redone with a consistent material palette, while reusing the existing fireplace unit. Finally, the bathroom was retrofitted with completely new fixtures and finishes.

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