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This month we celebrate 10 years (!!!) of ONE SEED! I know, we can’t believe it either. . I will try to not get too sentimental, but it is hard to skip past this milestone without a few shout-outs. . First shout out goes to our staff who have shaped our projects, as well as ONE SEED over the years. Thank you! . I am so indebted to our amazing clients, past, present and future, who entrust us with their dreams. This is not a responsibility that I take lightly and I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people who have taken a chance on us. We have THE BEST clients, and you make it fun to come to work every morning. . It is such a privilege to practice in the Pacific North West, where we are a part of a supportive, inclusive, and vibrant west coast design community. We would have floundered many years ago without being able to lean on our network of skilled and savvy colleagues of other architects and designers, builders, engineers, photographers, trades, artists and artisans, trades, suppliers, manufacturers…. the list goes on. The Passive House community has been particularly ‘open source’ as we all forged some unchartered territory together. . Last, but definitely not least, a huge hug to my husband, who isn’t even on Instagram so will probably never see this. He was totally cool when I said I was quitting my job to start out on my own, and hasn’t complained in the ten years since….and ONE SEED and I have given him more than a few reasons to complain over the years. . Here is to many more decades to come!! . #oneSEEDarch #10years #decadeofdesign #celebration #shoutouts and #thanks to you all!! #ONESEEDblog

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