We are teaming up with Vertical Grain Projects again this year to showcase our Re-Generation House for the MA+DS Home Tour, a.k.a. the Modern Architecture + Design Society’s Home Tour, formerly known as the Vancouver Modern Home Tour. Whooph, that’s quite a mouth full.

What you need to know:

When: September 17, 2016 from 11:00am – 5:00pm

Tickets: $35 retail, or save $5 by using the promo code ONESEED. Tickets available here: mads.media/mads-vancouver2016/

What: a self-guided tour of 6 modern homes in the Vancouver area. The home owners of these six homes have graciously opened their doors to tour-goers, and offer a unique opportunity to see what is going on beyond the beautiful facades.  Project team members are on hand to guide tour-goers through the homes and offer insight into the design and construction process, as well as to highlight some unique features of the home.

Where: See a map of the six featured homes on Google Maps… we’re project ‘A’.

Who: Designers Laura and Allison from One SEED Architecture + Interiors, as well as Builder Doug Pearcey from Vertical Grain Projects will be on hand to answer questions and take tour-goers on an insider’s tour of this extensive renovation.

Vibe: super fun

A bit more info: The Modern Architecture + Design Society has a goal of creating a vibrant, global community of modern architecture and design enthusiasts.  Their aim is to provide multiple platforms that inspire engagement with the people, places, and things that define the “modern” movement. We are looking forward to being involved again this year with our fourth (!) project to be featured in the tour.

Bone up on the story of the Re-Generation House on our portfolio page.

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