If you are a lover of Neapolitan pizza, then you are in luck.  One SEED and our clients at La Ruota, a local Italian pizzeria, successfully presented a concept to the Advisory Design Panel at the University Endowment Lands last night.  Our development permit for the 5 700 block of University Boulevard has been approved!

The space will have a modern west-coast design while capturing the rustic charm of La Ruota’s warm and fresh Italian cooking.  The collage of images above expresses the design language we proposed to the Advisory Design Panel, as we want to develop a distinct and casual dining experience which contributes to the charm and character of the Village.  One feature will be a large Italian-style stone oven which will be located front and centre so customers can see their food made to order in front of them, courtesy of La Ruota’s expert chefs.  Of course sustainability will be a huge focus of our final design, and will be integrated from the construction through to the food prep and delivery.

A development permit was required for this project as the proposed use is listed as a ‘Conditional Use’ and not an ‘Outright Approved Use’ within the zoning bylaw. The ADP is composed of local professionals including architects, planners, and landscape architects, as well as members of the general public, who want to shape their community and look out for the best interest of the public.  Members of the panel expressed enthusiasm about One SEED’s proposed upscale design, and voted unanimously to approve our proposal.  Keep your eyes peeled, as the modern rustic 900 square foot pizzeria will be moving in to the Village complex soon!

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