Moving out of your old space and into your new space is a big undertaking.  Not only that, the traditional moving process can be hard on the environment with the consumption of all of those cardboard boxes and packing tape.  There are some great options out there for re-useable boxes which are not only a lot easier to use and sturdier than cardboard, but they can be delivered right to your door, and picked up at the final destination.

We are using Small Business BC’s 2011 Best Green Business Award winner, FROGBOX, for our office move because of their emphasis on eco-friendly innovations for moving.  Every FROGBOX saves three trees from being cut-down for cardboard boxes during its lifecycle and has a much smaller carbon footprint than cardboard boxes.  Also, they donate a percentage of their profit to frog habitat restoration!  Hard to resist an eco-option like that, plus, who has the time to go and purchase cardboard boxes, set them all up, then break them down for recycling?  FROGBOX is delivering the re-useable boxes and moving dollies right to our door, then picking them back up at our new office when we’re done.

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