Allison Holden-Pope of One SEED and Shaun St-Amour of Footprint Sustainable Housing, after signing the contract

It is happening!!  We are excited, no make that ecstatic, to announce that we are partnering with Footprint Sustainable Housing to put the very first Passive House prototype into production.  This iteration has been dubbed OneSEED Passive House North – Model Y.  Some fact checking is required, but we are fairly certain that this is the first project of its kind in all of Canada.  Yeeeeeeehaw!

It is great news for us and the Passive House community, but it is even better news for the general public.  Why? Because Shaun St-Amour of Footprint Sustainable Housing, has decided to build it as a spec home, and will be placing it on the market shortly after construction.  This could be your opportunity to own the first OneSEED Passive House!

Shaun has also taken the Passive House course, and he was equally inspired to champion the rigorous energy performance requirements of Passive House.  Not only do we share an enthusiasm for environmentally sensitive design and construction, but our core values are well aligned.  We are looking forward to working together on this trail blazing project!  Shaun has selected the ‘North’ model, which means the house will be sited on a lot with a north facing front yard (hence the name).  In addition to a Passive House with a secondary rental suite, the property will include a laneway house, also designed by One SEED.  With the contract signed, and construction slated for the Fall of 2014, it’s time for us to get moving!

We have had many clients and homeowners take interest in our prototype since its launch last spring, so we are certain that there will be quite a bit of public interest.  Check back often for updated information about the project, including how you can make it yours!  In the interim, feel free to contact us with inquiries about the house.

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