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The construction on our “Re-Generation” home renovation is well underway, as Doug Pearcey from Vertical Grain Projects and his team are happily out of the ground work and making great progress with framing. We were able to see the house take shape this past week during our site visit.

The clients and their family have owned and lived in this house at one time or another since it was first constructed in the 1950’s. There has been a total of three generations under the old roof. The clients wanted to breathe new life into the old house and update it from an understated bungalow to a striking and vibrant home to reflect their simple and modern style.

We haven’t simply raised the roof, the old roof has literally been ripped off! We have designed new roof forms to give the house a complete facelift, while keeping the same footprint. Changing up the roof forms allowed us to play with volume and light for the interior spaces.   The new box roof forms allowed for grand ceiling heights in the master suite and the most impactful has been the dramatic double height space over the stairs and main entry. In this double height space we’ve designed a wide expanse of clerestory windows that bring in light to what was before a very dark and closed off space. It was exciting to be in the space with the setting sunlight flooding in through the trees. The clerestory windows are perfectly aligned to direct your view to the sky and tree canopies creating a sense of being within the tree tops.

Check out the Re-Generation House in our portfolio where we have included more information and images.

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