We are introducing a new series for One SEED’s Blog, entitled ‘Know Your Zoning‘ which aims to provide homeowners with empowering knowledge about the development potential for their property, and to clarify zoning questions we are often asked by homeowners, looking to renovate or build new.  The information we provide is based on our years of experience successfully getting projects permitted in the City of Vancouver and our conversations with staff and planners at the City of Vancouver.  This probably seems obvious, but bylaws change, are open to interpretation, and are influenced by project and site specific scenarios.  We hope to shed some light on some of the more confusing or common residential zoning issues, however the information we provide should only be considered as a starting point for your research.  In all cases, the City’s Zoning & Development Bylaw, shall prevail.  And as always, hire an architect like One SEED to guide you through the design and permitting process, as we will help you to understand the subtleties of the development options available to you, for your particular property.

Check back on Monday for our first subject, attached garages. And email us with ideas for future topics.

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