Laura McMurran joined our small team in January, and hit the ground running! She has already contributed to five projects, as well as a competition entry.  She also started an office compost (that’s her setting it up in the picture above), which she dutifully takes home at the end of each week. Not bad for her first three months at One SEED!

Laura holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Calgary, as well a Bachelor degree and Architectural and Building Engineering Technology Diploma from BCIT.  This background, balanced between the artistic and technical, is a huge asset to One SEED, and will help Laura in her pursuit of registration as an architect.  Her educational career is littered with awards and achievements including the RAIC Honour Roll, The Murray W. Waterman Study Abroad Award (Barcelona), and the Alberta Advanced Education’s Achievement Scholarship, to name a few.  She also has several years of local experience in high-end residential and restaurant / cafe design.  Her passion for modern design is already a great contribution to our team and clients’ experience, and is her sunny disposition.

There is more to Laura than her architectural accomplishments and technical abilities.  For example, she is actively interested in community building and place making.  She fosters these interests through numerous volunteering positions throughout the city.  She recently taught an architectural course for grade three students through the ‘Artists for Kids‘ program, where students are exposed to the design process, and have the opportunity to shape their own dream city.  Just listing the ways Laura reaches out to the community is exhausting (and inspiring) so here are a few: Green Streets Gardener for the City of Vancouver, a Market Crew & Urban Farmer with the UBC Farm, A Gardener for the Institute of Aboriginal Health, a volunteer for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and the list goes on…

When she isn’t busy saving the planet she is likely listening to the CBC while undertaking some sort of creative artistic or culinary project.  Other fun facts: most nights, Laura is kept up by her cat Thomas, who seems to crave quite a bit of nocturnal attention.  Despite the sleep deprivation, she can frequently be found doing laps at the Hillcrest swimming pool, or cruising the City on her bike.

We are so happy that Laura has chosen to join our team, and we look forward to collaborating on all of our upcoming and exciting projects.

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