If you have been following us on Twitter, or on this blog, then you already know that we have been pouring our hearts into the design of a Passive House over the past year. We have wrapped up on the design and issued our detailed drawing and specification package, so we are finally ready to unveil the full project on our web portfolio. Introducing the Khotso Passive House!

OneSEED-C2-Blog-16-01-11 Khotso Passive House 2

OneSEED-C2-Blog-16-01-11 Khotso Passive House 3

OneSEED-C2-Blog-16-01-11 Khotso Passive House 4

The Khotso Passive House is located on a typical Vancouver lot with a south facing backyard. The property is zoned RS-1, and is a relatively flat 33′ x 122′ in size, located in the middle of a residential block in the Riley Park community. The PHPP is finished (thanks Andre), and pre-certification is underway. The building permit documents were submitted to the City of Vancouver in the Fall, and as their initial review is completed the permit is expected to be processed this month, with construction to begin shortly thereafter!

Why Khotso? In Sesotho, a language spoken in the small African country of Lethoso, ‘Khotso’ is the word for ‘calm’ and ‘peace’. The name honours the home owners’ vision for the home, in the language of a place of importance in the owner’s childhood and then later in their shared travels.

Why Passive House? The home owner was aware of Passive House from living overseas. When we told them about the comfort, durability, and performance that Passive House provides, they said it was a ‘no-brainer’. They like the simplicity of Passive House, and the accessibility of the concepts. It just makes sense.

We are really excited to see this house take form with Erik Olofsson at the helm, and to get this Passive House certified!

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