Step 1 – Embrace your passion for brewing and decide to take the leap and start a brewery with your best friends.

Step 2 – Find a space that accommodates your needs, and that works with Vancouver’s new-ish bylaw allowing Lounge Use accessory to Brewery or Distillery Use in most M (Manufacturing) and I (Industrial) zones in Vancouver. More on our Luppolo porfolio page

Step 3 – Months of work by Luppolo and Ron Hart Architect to design and layout the overall space (4 575SF) and to work with the City and various other authorities on development permits, building permits, liquor licenses…. No minor task.


Step 4 – Brainstorming broad concepts for the lounge and retail space!  We sat down with Ron Hart (and one of us might have brought a baby) to kick off the all-important interior design.  Luppolo wanted a space that was warm, cozy, and welcoming.  A place to gather and that engages with the community.  A modern design that blends West-Coast architecture with a nod to the Old World.  A space that blends concrete, clean lines cut from salvaged lumber, and pops of colour.  A space that represents Luppolo’s unique aesthetic and tells their story.  Oh right, and it needs to be highly functional, as they also need to run a business there …


Step 5 – First design workshop with Luppolo


Step 6 – Getting our sketch on


Step 7 – Another design meeting with Luppolo, in their space, pre-renovation, at 1123 Venables St.

(Above photo credit: Luppolo Brewing Co., Design sketches by Ron Hart Architect and One SEED)


Step 8 – Celebratory drinks? Throughout, Luppolo continues to brew stellar pilot batches of beer. We happily oblige when tastings are offered.

(Above photo credit: CAMRA Vancouver)


Step 9 – The design continues to evolve

(Above: hand sketches by Ron Hart Architect, 3D Model by One SEED)


Step 10 – Permits received! Construction begins on site.

Step 11- The interior design process keeps on a-brewing… as do the brewers at Luppolo

(Above photo credit: Luppolo Brewing Co.)


Step 12 – Last big design meeting on the construction site with Luppolo, to sort out the final details of the interior design, and check in on construction. It was a mega meeting.

(Above photo credits: Luppolo Brewing Co.)

OneSEED D3 luppolo_brewing08

Step 13 – Construction continues. The recessed Luppolo ‘L’ at the growler fill counter looks great.  It feels like they are getting close!  Looking forward to the grand opening later this year. More updates to come!

(Above photo credits: Luppolo Brewing Co., Luppolo Logo design: RXVP)

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