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Whew. That was a whirlwind.

Saturday was the Modern Home Tour, and the West End Nest Condo had some heavy traffic coming through! We feared that the dense urban location or the heavy rain might deter tour goers, but we had a constant stream of people coming through for over six hours, non-stop from 10:45am (before the tour was even supposed to start!). We planned on tweeting updates throughout the day, but were too busy chatting with visitors to find the time. Oops. We did manage to grab a few quick photos.

Doug and Will from Vertical Grain Projects were there with us all day, answering questions and touring guests through the home. They did a fantastic job on the construction, so we were happy they could join us when we unveiled the finished product for the public. I heard more than a few guests impressed to hear how quickly they did the work (four months) and what was achieved with the construction budget.

We were running a slideshow of ‘before’ photos on the TV in the living room, and that proved to be a popular stop on the tour. Let’s just say that the transformation was significant. The feedback from tour goers was fantastic. I think the crowd favourites, in a non-scientific ranking based on ‘overheards’ and direct comments, were: (1) storage… it’s discreetly everywhere, (2) wood screen extending the living room and providing a sense of separation from the master suite, (3) window bench capturing the view of the North Shore mountains, (4) wire brushed, matte finish oak floor, (5) pantry design with open millwork boxes, (6) feature tile wall at the entry.

Thanks to our friendly and professional volunteers from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Fashion Design & Technology Program: Serena Lim, Josie Robinson, and Raphael Lugelameo (sorry about the elevator incident Raph). And thanks to all of the tour goers who braved the rain, and made the trek out to visit us at the West End Nest Condo. We enjoyed meeting all of you, and loved the positive energy you shared. It’s great to see tours like this one further the dialogue around design in Vancouver.

Our Re-Generation House, another awesome collaboration with Vertical Grain Projects, will be on the tour next year, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next Fall!

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