Lighting is a key element to setting the ambience in a space.  Not only that, it’s an opportunity to provide a focal point with sculptural interest.  We’ve selected stunning and green light fixtures for our new office, to showcase some of the great options out there for our clients.  We are really excited about David Trubridge’s Coral 600 light fixture which we will be using over the coffee table in our lounge.

Here are just a few reasons that it makes the cut:

  • First of all, the 24″ diameter lamp shade is flat-packed in a tiny recyclable cardboard box, which greatly reduces the environmental impact of the transportation.  It meant that we had to spend an evening putting together the spherical light shade, as our pictures demonstrate, but it was a good time.
  • Secondly, the lamp shade itself is made entirely of bamboo plywood from sustainably managed plantations, and has a light caramel stain finish.
  • Thirdly, the cleverly planned design uses a series of repeating shapes cut from the bamboo plywood in a shape and pattern which uses the minimum amount of material for the maximum output of useable material, reducing the consumption of resources.
  • Fourth, how could we resist a designer whose sustainable philosophy is dubbed the ‘Seed System’ ???
  • We, of course, will be lamping it with a high-efficiency LED bulb.
  • Finally, the form itself is inspired by the natural structures and shapes in coral reefs.  Creating a connection with nature through these types of subtle reminders is an important aspect of sustainable design which is often forgotten.

Those are just a few reasons we love our new lounge light!

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