Wallpaper is back, and we’re on-board!  Wall coverings are a great way to highlight a feature wall and get a dramatic splash of colour, pattern, or texture.  There are quite a few green options on the market these days, so you can have some fun without a guilty conscience.  The major rules of thumb when it comes to sustainable wallpapers are: avoid vinyl, use non-toxic low VOC adhesives, use products with water-based inks, and get products printed on recycled or sustainably forested FSC certified paper.

For our office renovation we chose two great eco wallpaper products. We installed the first of two this past weekend in our ‘soon-to-be kitchen and lounge’. A HUGE thank you to Allison’s husband Tobin Pope for spending a full weekend building furniture and hanging wall paper with us.  We could not have done it without you.

Our kitchen and lounge area showcases Amy Butler’s ‘Sun and Moon’ print in a fun and sophisticated geometric pattern.  This product is super green… it uses water-based inks and is printed on FSC certified paper.  Even the tractors used to harvest the trees use vegetable oil in the hydraulics, and for every tree cut down, three more are planted!

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