Visit the Khotso Passive House  construction site, as part of the International Passive House Association’s (iPHA’s) ‘Mid-Year International Passive House Days 2016’.  That’s a long name.  What you need to know is:

1. It’s a GLOBAL event, where Passive House projects around the world are opening their doors, or construction site gates, to the public.

2. It is FREE to attend, just go to the iPHA’s website for a map of participating sites, and make your way to the site at the scheduled time.

3. The Khotso Passive House will be open on SATURDAY, JUNE 25th, from 1pm-3pm.

4. Our site is a CONSTRUCTION SITE! We are at the foundation and below-grade stage of construction, so do not expect to tour a finished house. Wear appropriate footwear. You will be outside in the elements.  You may think that this is a random time to tour a site, but actually there is already quite a bit going on below grade that you would not see in a code build.

5. The project team will be on site to present our experiences designing and building a Passive House and to answer questions. So it’s really more than just a tour of a pit in the ground!

The builder, Erik Olofsson, who is just back from presenting at the North American Passive House Network’s Conference in NYC will be showing off the super-sturdy insulation below footings, as well as discussing his plan of attack for the rest of the construction process, and how different it is to build Passive over standard construction.  Andre Harrmann from Harrmann Consulting who is ALSO just back from presenting in New York at NAPHN16 will discuss the energy modeling and the insane performance of the Khotso Passive House.  We will be on site to go over the design process, lessons learned, and we will reveal a few sexy Passive House details used in the project.

6. There is another open house that will soon be added to the map, and is within walking distance, so be sure to make an afternoon of it, and check out both houses.

Be there or be square.  Saturday, June 25th, 1pm – 3pm, more details on the event map  and on the iPHA website.

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