Passive Housing is hitting the mainstream in Canada.  Thursday night’s Global National included a segment on the benefits of Passive House, and made the financial case for why your next home should be a Passive House.  Dawna Friesen of Global National introduced the feature by stating that “there is a new construction trend taking shape in Canada – one that could save homeowners thousands of dollars.  It’s called Passive Housing, an ultra low energy, eco-friendly construction that reduces energy costs to virtually nothing.” George Drolet’s report included compelling thermal energy photographs of neighbouring houses, one which was built to Passive House standards, and the other which was not. He also reported that the average Canadian household spends approximately $5000 a year on energy. With Passive House cutting energy consumption down by 90%, think of what you could do with an extra $4500 in your pocket each year!  As one of BC’s few Trained Passive House Design Professionals, we especially like when Drolet mentions that “thanks to a few passionate converts, the idea is getting a foothold.”  Watch the video on Global’s website.

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