Project complete!  The green roof at our Passive Narrow House has been installed, marking the finish line in a contemporary and green project, of which we are extremely proud.  The roof garden is a private space to hang out, flooded with sunlight and beautiful views over the roofs of their neighbours to the North Shore mountains.

Photo taken this summer of the view from roof deck to the north west

The chilly homeowners (right) with Architect Allison Holden-Pope of One SEED (left).

The LiveRoof was planted this spring at NATS Nursery in Langley, where they have been dousing it with love and affection.  The pre-vegetated modules of native and drought-resistant plants go in quickly (installed over a weekend!) and are low maintenance and resistant to the up-coming winter temperatures due to their careful mix of local vegetation.  Our clients are now the happy owners of a new home with a HUGE roof-top garden and two separate roof-top patios for lounging, dining, or just enjoying a beer and the view after a hard day at work.  Can you spot who is the most excited about the new play area?

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