Here is a modern and sleek solution to hide a ‘less than desirable’ window or view without compromising on natural light.  We had the guys at Broco Glass install a sheet of privacy glass in our office which doubles as a dry-erase board for brainstorming and design sessions.

We selected a tempered glass with one frosted side, and sized it approximately 3/4″ smaller than the wall opening on all sides. The glass is then suspended within the window jamb with stainless steel side clamps to keep the sill completely free of glass or hardware. This also reinforces the notion of the glass floating within the window frame.

The frosted side was installed facing the back, so the front face of the glass is smooth, ready to be used as a dry-erase board, and easily cleaned.  The frosted finish provides many benefits. Firstly, it allows lots of diffused natural light to pass through it into the room. Secondly, it creates an ethereal white glowing background for the doodles and notes we place on the board, which would be much more difficult to decipher if placed on clear glass!  Lastly, it provides privacy and successfully conceals an unfortunate view.

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