The ‘Spaces + Architecture’ section of the M.W.C.D. blog touched base with One SEED over the holidays, and the online version of their article is out now.  In the interview entitled ‘Pushing the Sustainability Envelope One SEED at a Time for a Greener Future!’  we discuss our commitment to sustainability in our design and architecture practice.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro: “In recent years, the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly architecture and design has increased which has helped to create exciting and ground-breaking opportunities for companies that specialize in these fields. … Holden-Pope shares the inspiration behind her works and the company, which is not only rooted in her experiences with nature and the outdoors, but in her fierce desire to protect environmental elements through her profession, as well as through the development of beautiful, green architectural and interior works.”  Read the full article here: Modern Wine Cellar Designs.

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