When choosing a new office space, we wanted to promote the use of alternative transportation and to reduce the pollution and land development impacts resulting from automobile use.  The solution? To select an office located smack dab in the middle of Vancouver’s bike and transportation network.  See the bike map above with One SEED’s studio location shown.  We are right by the intersection of downtown Vancouver’s two separated bikeways along Dunsmuir Street and Hornby Street.  The Dunsmuir bikeway is less than 1 block from our front door, as well one of the City’s new ‘bike corrals’.  In fact you might be familiar with our bike rack corral because of the knitted cozies decorating them.

We are within four blocks of the Canada Line Skytrain as well as the Expo Skytrain, the West Coast Express, the Sea Bus, and pretty much every bus route in the downtown core.   There are some great resources available for planning your bike route, some of them even include information on slope grades if you want to avoid the big hills.  Check out UBC’s site as well as the City of Vancouver’s.

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