12 500 SF
Interior Renovation
Winning Submission in VFW Competition

REgeneration is the winning competition entry for the transformation of Storyeum for the 2009 Vancouver Fashion Week’s fashion shows and galas. It was designed in consortium with Natural Habitats Sustainable Design.

The theme of REgeneration is a challenge to change our ‘consume and discard’ culture to one with a more harmonious relationship with the planet. REgeneration draws inspiration from many sources: the beautiful natural environment of the west coast, the fashion world, and Gastown’s history. It provides a stylish and contemporary backdrop for Vancouver Fashion Week.

REgeneration is about sustainability, like nature renewing itself seasonally. As guests arrive at the venue they encounter the first design element: a giant living wall which is a vertical garden of plants and mosses.

The focal point of the main space is a stunning 12’ high wood slat wall made from reclaimed lumber. The complexity of the layers creates a play of light and shadows, and provides a dramatic backdrop for the models. Black and white forest imagery is projected onto the walls adjacent to the stage, creating an illusion of space and drama.

At the opposite end of the large space, our design focuses on the industrial aspects of renewal, where de-construction precedes regeneration. Stacked bricks double as décor and functional cocktail tables. Salvaged vintage lighting fixtures are clustered and rearranged to create a modern lighting arrangement.

The design includes a transformation to a club atmosphere for the high profile evening galas.

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